ADESFRe - Andorra's eastern tripoint


In August 2016, members of the IBRG made a trip to the place where Andorra [AD], France [FR] and Spain [ES] meet, or, for short, to the ADESFRe tripoint. The ‘e’ following the country codes stands for ‘eastern’, since there is also a western Andorran-French-Spanish tripoint: ADESFRw.


The tripoint area [and two tripoint options]

We parked our car in the Andorran border town of Pas de la Casa and crossed the French border on foot. Our hike southwards went through French territory, taking a little bit longer route east of the well-marked route between Pas de la Casa and the 'black lake', Estany Negre de les Passaderes.

One hour later: looking back towards Pas de la Casa [Photo Rolf Palmberg 2016]

Another three hours later we could see the tripoint area of Portella Blanca behind the lake.

Estany Negre de les Passaderes and the tripoint area [Photo Rolf Palmberg 2016]


Andorran border demarcation has been in progress for a long time, but the exact location of ADESFRe is still somewhat unclear. According to some sources and maps, border marker #427 constitutes the tripoint marker.


Border marker #427 [Photo Rolf Palmberg 2016]
Border marker #427 seen from another angle [Photo Rolf Palmberg 2016]

However, according to other sources and maps [for example the map above], the location of the tripoint is in fact positioned about 220 metres south of border marker #427. More precisely, on the 'saddle' between Portella Blanca and Pic de la Portella.

Peter Hering, Jesper Nielsen and Jan Krogh at the alternative location of the tripoint [Photo Rolf Palmberg 2016]

Having successfully accomplished our mission, we managed to get back to Pas de la Casa [and our car] along the shorter route in less than three hours.

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