The Mae Sai - Tachileik border revisited

In 2014 I visited Mae Sai, the northernmost town in Thailand, and Tachileik, its sister town across the Ruak river in Myanmar [a.k.a. Burma].


Monument in Mae Sae with the Thai-Myanmar border bridge in the background [Photo: Rolf Palmberg 2014]
The Thai-Myanmar border bridge (with the Mae Sai monument on the right) [Photo: Rolf Palmberg 2014]
The Ruak river viewed from the border bridge. Myanmar on the left; Thailand on the right [Photo: Rolf Palmberg 2014]
Approaching the border station [Photo: Rolf Palmberg 2014]
Entering Tachileik, the City of the Golden Triangle [Photo: Rolf Palmberg 2014]
Looking back towards the Thai-Myanmar border station (with a temple in Mae Sai in the background) [Photo: Rolf Palmberg 2014]
Another view of the Ruak river from the border bridge. Thailand on the left; Myanmar on the right [Photo: Rolf Palmberg 2014]


For “Borders Borders Borders”, a website presenting some of my favourite borders and border areas visited in the period of 1982-2013, click here. The website includes photos from my previous visit to Mae Sae in 1995.